New Weldlok Civil Brochure: Ductile & Steel

Civil drainage

Weldlok is a renowned provider of high-quality steel products and solutions for infrastructure, industrial, fabrication, mining, and construction projects.

With a strong focus on innovation and engineering excellence, Weldlok offers various civil products, including grating, ductile, expanded metal mesh, and access covers.

Our expertise lies in creating durable, safe, and reliable civil solutions that adhere to Australian standards. We are proud to be a leader in setting the benchmark for innovative drainage solutions in Australia.

To showcase our 40 years of excellence and industry leading innovation, we introduce the latest Civil Drainage Products Brochure – with a focus on our Ductile and Steel drainage solutions.

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Innovative Drainage Products for Civil Contractors

Weldlok stands as the embodiment of innovation, consistently establishing fresh industry standards through its reliable and compliant drainage solutions. With a legacy spanning over four decades, it has not only molded the Australian civil industry but paved the way for trailblasing advancements in drainage systems.

At its core, Weldlok consistently delivers inventive products that redefine prevailing industry norms. Our brand’s journey began with the introduction of Galvanised Steel Drainage Grates, a pioneering move that redefined construction norms. Since then, Weldlok has continued to push boundaries, introducing a diverse range of Ductile products that cater to the evolving needs of a rapidly changing infrastructure ecosystem.

A New Way To Source Important Information

With the Weldlok Civil Brochure – we have provided more of the information our civil contractors require to make the right choice when selecting Weldlok products.

Our team of specialist consultants are always here to answer any of your questions and provide advice and guidance on the best solutions for your projects.

Our new Load Class Reference Designs have simplified and streamlined locating the information your team requires to compare models and designs to make informed decisions on the right products for your application.

Introducing New Products

In our pursuit of progress and innovation, Weldlok introduces a suite of new products designed to address evolving needs:

  • Drop in Grates
  • Expanded Heel Guard Ranges
  • Ductile Grates
  • Two-Part Ductile Covers

These new offerings show Weldlok’s commitment to innovation, showcasing our ability to adapt to changing requirements while maintaining our legacy of setting industry standards.

Expanded Heel Guard Ranges

Acknowledging the need for safety in high-traffic areas, Weldlok has expanded its Heel Guard range. Heel Guard Pedestrian (Page 9) and Heel Guard Trench Grates (Page 10) are part of the innovative new designs from Weldlok.

Our Heel Guard Range Pedestrian access is compliant and provides easy installation, removal, and maintenance, making it an ideal solution.

Ductile Grates

Ductile grates, are sturdy and durable covers that secure openings like pits, drains, and manholes. Our expansive range of Weldlok Ductile Covers now includes a variety of circular, square/rectangular, infill, two-part and ductile iron grates, with and without various water, sewer or gas markings as required by water and road authorities nationally. Our ductile range also includes covers finished with our raised signature ‘W’ pattern on top to create a non-skid surface for roads, pathways, and other applications.

Two-Part Ductile Covers

Weldlok two-part ductile covers are designed to fit together securely, forming a complete cover over the opening, enabling multiple sections to interlock and cover large openings.

Experience the Future with Weldlok

Weldlok remains at the forefront of setting industry standards with innovative products, a NATA-accredited testing facility, and an unwavering commitment to compliance. From pioneering Galvanised Steel Drainage Grates to introducing advanced Ductile products, we’re at the forefront of innovation.

Contact our civil experts today to discover how Weldlok’s innovative products and unwavering commitment to excellence can transform your infrastructure endeavors.

Step into the future with Weldlok – where excellence is the foundation, innovation is the path, and the future is waiting to be experienced.