Mastermesh Expanded Perforated

Mastermesh Expanded and Perforated Metals

Through our Weldlok brand, NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure supplies Weldlok Mastermesh Expanded Metal designed for architects, construction companies, civil engineers and others involved in commercial and residential property development. Unique high quality, eco-friendly, innovative product, which allows architect’s and construction companies to realise their dreams, this product is used to create aesthetically pleasing architectural features in building interiors and facades.

Experience High-Quality Finish with Mastermesh Expanded Metal

Mastermesh is Australia’s premium supplier of perforated metal, expanded metal and wire mesh products. Through NEPEAN’s Mastermesh brand they supply architectural, building and industrial applications with a modern range of metal products in an interesting variety of high-quality finishes.

The extensive Mastermesh range includes a full range of standard and custom designed Perforated Metal Products, security mesh, decorative mesh and sunscreen mesh, diamond mesh and Flormesh Expanded and Wire Mesh Products.

Mastermesh for Perforated Panels and Expanded Metal for Architectural Applications

Weldlok can supply Mastermesh perforated panels for architectural applications in various materials including galvanised mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium. For large projects, Weldlok can also supply perforated metal panels in particular shapes, powder-coated colours or folded for custom orders. Contact our team to learn more.

Our team of experts will work with clients as project partners, helping to manage all the phases of an architectural cladding or façade project, offering advice on the best solutions and suggestions for an easier installation process.

Custom Designed Solutions

Mastermesh Perforated Panels can be custom designed for your specific application. By using different technologies and types of perforation, we can can create and supply unique and creative perforated panels tailored to any project with complete flexibility on hole shape and size, pitch and open area.

Mastermesh Image Perforation Technology

Mastermesh Perforated Panels can be produced with graphical designs such as photographs, logos and images in perforated metal to create unique and effective panels in a variety of different materials.

Mastermesh Image Perforation is ideal for applications such as:

  • Signage & Advertising
  • Interior Design Features
  • Space Sculpting
  • Public Artwork
  • Curtain Walls & Screens
  • Balustrades
  • Building Facades

Using state of the art software and sophisticated, modern equipment, we can supply perforated panels with your desired image, logo or artwork in perforated metal. Contact our team below to learn more. 

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