Empowering the Next Generation in Steel Manufacturing

At Weldlok, we’re passionate about fostering talent and propelling the steel industry’s future leaders. To support this, we’ve created an annual Apprenticeship program.

Each year, we welcome a fresh group of apprentices into our teams, providing them with invaluable experience in our dynamic and innovative manufacturing environment, and begins them on their career in steel manufacturing.

Our Apprenticeship program provides 360-degree training

It’s about more than theoretical knowledge. Once they’re onboard, our apprentices start gaining practical, hands-on experience from day one. From crafting handrails to mastering steel flooring, our apprentices work across the board, gaining insights into various processes that shape our industry. They learn the crucial technical skills necessary to work safely and efficiently in our plants.

And complementary to learning on the tools, we also recognise that support and guidance is important in ensuring a fulfilling and sustainable career. We offer comprehensive mentoring programs for our apprentices, to help guide and nurture them into technical specialists and well-rounded professionals. We invest in upskilling our apprentices, both on factory floor and in the office, arming them with the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in the workforce.

Support to thrive

We recognise that fresh perspectives bring new ideas. So, as well as giving our apprentices the opportunity to see every aspect of our business, they’re also empowered to ask questions, question processes, and voice their thoughts.

We want to hear their ideas and foster new approaches.

This helps us to drive continuous innovation in our organisation and helps us stay ahead of the curve in an evolving industry.

Start your journey of growth today

Our Apprenticeship program is a journey of growth—for our new apprentices, and for us—and we’re honoured every year to be a part of these emerging talents’ professional development.

So, if you’ve ever considered a career in steel manufacturing, we want to hear from you.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our Apprentice program, its processes, and benefits, and how it can help you get started in this dynamic and exciting industry.