At Weldlok, we supply the architectural market with a modern range of metal products in a variety of high-quality finishes. Mastermesh products encompass our most sophisticated and innovative solutions including perforated and expanded decorative metal, pictorial image perforation solutions, high-quality aluminium, and stainless-steel industrial products, complemented by our fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) solutions.

With extensive industry experience and expertise, our Mastermesh team will work as design partners offering ideas and solutions to help manufacture and deliver even the most complex architectural projects.

We have manufacturing facilities and branches across Australia in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and an established Asian manufacturing facility and supply network via our NEPEAN Asia operation, enabling us to flexibly manufacture onshore or offshore according to your lead times or other requirements. This unique combination offers both competitive rates and minimises the risks associated with imported packages. With expert teams combining unparalleled experience and capabilities, the Weldlok brand guarantees the right product solution for our customers.

Mastermesh Architectural Product Range

Our Weldlok Mastermesh brand is Australia’s premium supplier of perforated metal, expanded metal, and wire mesh products. The extensive Mastermesh range includes standard and custom-designed perforated metal products, SK-A aluminium expanded security mesh, decorative mesh and sunscreen mesh, diamond mesh and Flormesh expanded and wire mesh products.

Weldlok SK-A Aluminium Expanded Mesh is used to create aesthetically pleasing architectural features in building interiors and facades. Weldlok SK-A Aluminium Expanded Mesh can be custom-designed, whereby customers can choose the expanded mesh pattern, dimensions and finish that fit the requirements of their projects. All variations of SK-A mesh are produced with the utmost precision and quality.

Weldlok’s FRP grating is available in a range of colours, sizes, and profiles to best suit your application. It has relatively low maintenance costs and unmatched resilience. Compared to metal grating that requires a longer product life cycle in specific environments, FRP is both rust and corrosion-free, which means it is a more cost-effective option over the life cycle of the product.