Weldlok’s Ductile Iron access covers and grates are designed for numerous usages and loadings under strict design criteria utilising the Australian Standards as a guideline. Ductile Iron also is known as SG Iron has many properties that are of an advantage when designing access covers that in the past were manufactured from Grey Iron. Ductile Iron consists of nodular graphite which gives it flexibility and due to this property, it very rarely completely destructs even under immense loadings but rather flexes and returns to a semi-original base whereas Grey Iron will shatter under loading with little or no warning. Obviously, when designing access covers one must keep in mind what a catastrophic failure would result in as usually the first thing to mind is human harm.

Weldok has a rigorous testing regime in a NATA certified facility that ensures any existing and or new designed covers and grates are up to the designed task. The Weldlok Team are some of the best in their field and are constantly scouring the globe for cutting edge technology that can be adapted into the Weldlok vision. Weldlok’s world-class production facilities are focused on Quality, Design, Community, Environmental & Health and Safety

Weldlok can offer a wide range of products to suit your needs and are approved to AS3996-2019 standards, see our brochure or browse the website further for all the products in our range

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