The below list contains terms commonly used by the Weldlok team when estimating projects, preparing drawings and during fabrication. The below has been compiled and designed to assist the draftsperson, engineer, fabricator and specifier in the correct selection of Weldlok products.

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Steel Grating Terminology

Steel grating
Load Bearing Bar

A load-carrying member spanning between supports.

Length (Direction of Span)

The overall dimension of a panel parallel to the load-bearing bars.

Nosing Bar

An attachment to the front edge of a stair tread or top stair landing panel such as yellow replaceable nosing or plate nosing.

Cross Bar

A member fixed at right angles to the load bearing bars to provide lateral restraint.


The overall dimension of a panel at right angles to the loadbearing bars.

Kick Plate

A large, flat bar welded to the side of a panel or ends and around cut-outs, where specified. Nominally 100mm above walking surface.

Edge Bar

Non-load-bearing bars, running at right angles to the load-bearing members.


Notches formed in the top of load-bearing bars to improve skid resistance.

metal grate

Area of flooring removed to clear around columns, pipes, machinery, etc.

steel grating
Nett Area

The area of flooring remaining after deducting cut-outs ([A x B] – [C x D]).

steel grating
Gross Area

Total area of flooring, including cut-outs (A x B).

Drafting Process

Our qualified team of experts use state-of-the-art CAD technology to create detailed drawings for every project, alleviating the burden from your team.

We turn outlines into drawings designed to provide the most economical layout of the product, engineered to exact specifications in line with Australian Standards.

There is no need to submit fully detailed panel drawings, refer to the below diagrams detailing what we require and what we supply.

metal grate
What We Require
  • Dimensioned outline grating details.
  • Dimensioned structural steel support details.
What We Prepare

Marking plan with each panel tagged to suit, prepared to ensure the most economical use of panels to provide efficiency in costs and lead times.

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