Series 15 Grating

Series 15 Grating

Weldlok Series 15 is the next generation in grating profiles. Fully compliant with AS1657:2019, specifically clause 4.5 pertaining to safety below the platform or landing. Designed to prevent objects falling through the floor.

Series 15 grating provides a clean aesthetic look. The single-piece design prevents debris build up between the mesh and grate allowing for easy maintenance. Additionally, the A15 profile is less labour intensive to fabricate reducing production lead times.

Series 15 Features

– 15mm load bar centres
– Cross rods at 100mm for reliable stability
– 3mm or 5mm thick load bars
– Standard or serrated finish available in mild steel or aluminum


Standard Mat Sizes

Span x Width (mm)
Load Bar Thickness (mm)
No. of Load Bars
All States
5800 x 993 3 67
5800 x 995 5 67

Typical Application Loadings

AS1657 (4.2) Fixed Platforms, Walkways and Stairways 2.5kPa
AS1170.1 (Table 3.1 E) Warehousing and Storage Areas 4kPa
AS1170.1 (Table 3.1 E) Plant Rooms, Fan Rooms incl. weight of machinery 5kPa
AS1170.1 (Table 3.1 C5) Public Assembly Areas Susceptible to Overcrowding 7.5kPa

Quick Selection Chart

Grating Type
Maximum Span (mm) for Various Loads with 5.00mm Deflection
2.5 kPa
4.0 kPa
5.0 kPa
A15-203 1422 1264 1196 34.3
A15-205 1616 1437 1359 55.2
A15-253 1681 1495 1414 42.1
A15-255 1910 1700 1606 68.3
A15-323 2023 1800 1701 53.1
A15-325 2300 2044 1933 86.7


To see if the A15 Series is suitable for your application, get in contact with your local Weldlok team.