Weldlok for Engineers: Structurally Safe, Compliant, Innovative Products 

Since our inception, Weldlok, has placed a high importance on investing in our engineering capability and training and supporting engineers in Australia.

Our engineering partners are at the center of our theme of structurally safe, compliant products. As a result, for more than 60 years, Weldlok has continued to deliver premium-quality, safe, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing products to our customers.

Compliance and Performance for Your Projects

The Weldlok team is equipped to work across many Australian Standards relevant to your project. If you are working with AS1657 (fixed platforms, walkways, stairways, and ladders), AS2699 (built-in components for masonry construction) or AS3996 (access covers and grates), Weldlok can help to advise on your requirements and what products or systems would be best suited.  Several Weldlok staff members actively serve on Australian Standards Committees to continue to improve the Australian industry standard and aid in companies’ compliance with changing standards.

Weldlok works closely with the Grates and Access Covers Alliance, the Australian Steel Institute and the Galvanizing Association Australia to ensure we provide the best compliant product ranges in Australia.

Our Partnership with Engineers

As a business, Weldlok aims to be the industry benchmark when it comes to architectural, industrial and civil building products. We continue to provide the engineering community and our end-user clients with structurally safe, efficient, and useful solutions that ensure the longevity of our clients’ assets.

At Weldlok, we will continue to invest in innovative products that will never compromise the safety and durability of our clients’ assets. We ensure our clients’ success by delivering the highest quality made-to-order steel, aluminum, and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products.

Commonly Interested Products