Weldlok and Distributors: Improving Efficiencies and Growing Outreach

Weldlok has partnered with numerous distributors in major cities and country towns to expand its reach and be able to provide the best customer service and product sales to all types of fabricators, no matter their location and project sites. Like us, our distributors provide sales support, product knowledge, aftermarket services, and we can also advise on engineering support. Distributors are also responsible for managing their sites product inventories, optimising processes, helping to reduce costs and improve everyone’s overall bottom line.

Together We Service More Customers

Weldlok, in conjunction with our distributors, recognise that it is not practical nor realistic for Weldlok to serve all customers directly. This is where our distributors come in and provide the service required.

Our distributors are more equipped with local industry knowledge and expertise than us. They are therefore able to help resellers deal with specific issues like warehouse and logistical challenges, improve efficiencies and grow outreach. One of our biggest advantages is that our distributors can also help with engineered solutions for our smaller resellers.

Investing in Our Distributors

Weldlok acknowledges that our distributors are our allies in providing Australian standard structurally safe and premium-quality products. As our products undergo a wide range of different manufacturing processes and testing, we take the time to invest in our distributors’ all-round product proficiency.

Our distributors need to know all our products in detail to confidently explain, engineer, service, and sell to the customer. Weldlok accepts that our distributors also represent other brands and products. We understand that such brand-specific knowledge is not innate. Because of this, Weldlok continually supplies them with the latest marketing and engineering tools, product training and industry-specific strategies to make sure they have all the resources and materials easily accessible

Grow with Weldlok

If you believe that becoming one of our trusted distributors will be of benefit to help grow your business, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team.

Our in-house team of engineers, pre-sales resources and after-sales team are here to help you with any of your product-related concerns.