SKA Aluminium Expanded Mesh

SKA Aluminium Expanded Mesh

Weldlok’s SK-A Aluminium Expanded Mesh, designed for architects, construction companies, civil engineers and others involved in commercial and residential property development. Unique high quality, eco-friendly, innovative product, which allows architect’s and construction companies to realise their dreams, this product is used to create aesthetically pleasing architectural features in building interiors and facades.

Dissipate Heat and Filter Sunlight Effectively with SK-A Aluminum Expanded Mesh

Weldlok’s more than 60 years of industry experience manifests in their aesthetically appealing and functional eco-friendly SK-A aluminium expanded mesh. This mesh is tagged as an architectural element offering limitless benefits. Usually installed on exterior facades and building interiors, Weldlok’s SK-A expanded mesh is an eco-friendly solution that is both capable of filtering the scorching heat of the sun and effectively dissipating heat. Aside from these benefits, SK-A is also capable of supporting climbing plants that are responsible for limiting noise pollution and purifying the air. If you are looking for materials to complement your energy conservation efforts and your environment-conscious buildings, SK-A aluminium is for you. With all these benefits, you are not only beautifying your interior and facade, but you are also actively supporting environmental wellness.

Helping Construction Companies and Architects Realise their Visions

Construction companies and architects do not only want to create and build functional spaces and buildings. They also aim to add value to every building and structure they build by making these spaces aesthetically pleasing, conducive for human habitation, and not harmful to the environment. To realise these aspirations for a fully functional yet stylish, safe, and environment-friendly structures, Weldlok offers its eco-friendly SK-A aluminium expanded mesh.

Safe and Durable

Weldlok’s SK-A is manufactured through a process that involves uniform stretching and piercing of metal while keeping the integrity of its structure. This process results in damage and breakage-resistant aluminium material. SK-A’s manufacturing process yields expanded mesh equipped with sturdy grip surfaces ideal for pedestrian walkways and other walking surfaces. And if you combine this expanded mesh with plastic, concrete, or glass in building any structure, the result is a super-strong structure.

Filtration and Permeability

Weldlok’s SK-A comes with apertures that look like diamonds. These apertures are responsible for SK-A’s different levels of permeability. If you use this, you can diffuse light while keeping your privacy in a well-ventilated space. In huge spaces like the airport, the expanded mesh functions as an air filtering system that allows air to safely disperse. In smaller areas, the expanded fine mesh can act as an electrochemical filtration system safely filtering impurities from the air. The material’s metallic properties and durability make filtering possible.

Energy-Saving and Eco-Friendly

Weldlok is proud to share that their SK-A aluminium expanded mesh has been manufactured using environment-conscious technologies. They also use the entire material, thereby making sure that there is no waste before, during, and after the production processes. Its sun-filtering capabilities make it an ideal barrier and insulator. Since heat is regulated and dissipated, you do not need to use more energy. It can also serve as a support for crawling and climbing vines. If you are constructing green buildings and structures, this material is the best one to use.

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