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Civil Contractors

Innovative Drainage Products that Set the Benchmark

Weldlok was instrumental in the design and establishment of Galvanised Steel Drainage Grates in Australia more than 40 years ago and continues to pioneer new and specialised designs, including a wide range of Ductile products.

Weldlok has an onsite NATA accredited load testing facility (Accreditation No 12043) which is computer controlled and capable of testing to Class G. 

We are also an active member of the Grate & Access Covers Alliance (GACA) and part of the group that worked on the AS3996-2019 standards review.

What is AS3996?

Access covers and grates are used in the construction industry primarily for manholes/pits and stormwater drainage. The long-term performance of covers and grates is key to the operating efficiency of roads and pavements, as well as the durability of building infrastructure and protection of public health, safety
and the environment.

AS3996 is a performance base standard, which provides designers, manufacturers and purchasers of access covers and grates a specification for design, supply and testing.

For Designers and Specifiers

The standard provides guidelines for the design of products to comply with AS3966. It also provides specification information when detailing products in construction projects.

For Manufacturers and Suppliers

The standard explains how to demonstrate the conformance during the product design and manufacturing process in terms of Acceptable Quality Level (AQL). This process involves type and batch release testing of products.

For Purchasers

Generally, the purchaser is either asked to state their requirements or choose from available options. These are contractual matters to be agreed upon between the purchaser and the manufacturer. However, the standards provide guidelines when access covers and grates are purchased, including explanations, advice, and recommendations on the information to be supplied by the purchaser at the time of enquiry or order and by the manufacturer after an order has been placed. It aims to prevent misunderstanding to ensure the purchaser receives satisfactory products and service.

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