Close Diamond Grating

Close Diamond Grating

Diamond grating is made by hand with each bar individually welded and is made to order. Grating depth can be ordered from 25mm deep up too 300mm deep depending on span and class requirements.

Ideal usage for multi-directional traffic and areas where forklifts and trucks are constantly turning. The new AS3996-2019 standards state for grates class E and higher diamond pattern must be used.

What are the new diamond grates’ technical benefits?

The Glass G grating was developed following a request from a Sydney storage space operator. Civil infrastructure projects are booming state-wide, increasing the demand for products capable of operating under heavier loads with improved functionality.

Standard Ductile Grates don’t have the long product shelf life required for the application – their resiliency can be compromised by sunlight over time. Our product team went straight to the drawing board to develop a totally new solution.

The grating is 1,200 millimetres (mm) long x 920 mm wide to suit a 900 mm x 900 mm pit, with a total weight of nearly 700 kilograms. It’s manufactured in mild steel, reducing the effects of corrosion. This not only offers operators a more robust solution, it also reduces how often operators need to replace compromised ductile grates. In line with this improvement, the product was rigorously tested to meet national steel grate requirements.

Class G is a specification reserved for steel grating capable of bearing forces up to 90 kilo-newtons, or around 100 metric tons. Our solution met this stringent requirement, making it ideal for handling large load-bearing vehicles.

Another benefit of the steel grating over existing alternatives is its innovative diamond pattern. The cut angle improves grip, reducing the risk of losing traction in wet weather. This is essential in outdoor applications where the effects of rain or dampness can contribute to more difficult driving conditions for vehicles transporting goods. The diamond pattern is also designed to maximise water runoff. This means less water will gather on the grates over time, again reducing the risk of slips in stormy conditions.

Consistency in product specification and quality is crucial in civil construction. When project managers contact Weldlok, they can be certain that they’ll receive a nationally compliant solution. The grates can be modified to suit different applications should the client require – but it’s important for clients to know exactly what they’re getting.

Delivering quality to our civil clients is vital – but so too is an increased market focus on locally manufactured and distributed solutions. Ductile grating isn’t available commercially within Australia. What our diamond grate product offers is a nationwide and easily sourced replacement for a costly overseas import.

Through Weldlok, instead of waiting months for grates to finish a construction project, builders only need weeks to source reliable and effective steel solutions, customised to their needs.

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