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Weldlok Grating Products in Stainless, Steel, Aluminium and Fibreglass FRP

Weldlok grating is available in a variety of materials including galvanised mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and fibreglass.

Custom Fabrication

All Weldlok products can be custom fabricated to suit unique customer requirements. With 2 main manufacturing plants in Sydney and Perth and smaller facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne, NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure can provide a custom-made solution which is locally available.

Complete Packages

NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure can supply a total package including Balltube Handrail System, Weldlok grating, stair treads and walkway modules. The Weldlok team can provide advice to draftspersons, engineers, fabricators and specifiers in the correct selection of all grating and handrail products.

How is Weldlok Grating made?

Weldlok Mild Steel Grating is constructed using an electro- forge-welding process that applies pressure and heat to fuse square, twisted cross bars into load-bearing bars of various thicknesses and depths. The result is a product with a one-piece construction that complies with the requirements of Australian Standard AS1657-2018.

Weldlok Aluminium Grating is pressure-locked, with crossbars permanently attached to load bars through a swaging process. Grating is available with a range of load bar sizes and spacing and is also available with serrated surfaces for slip resistance.

Weldlok Grating is being used in many environments across Australia

Weldlok Grating is used extensively in many different resource applications throughout Australia including mines, industrial, chemical and sewerage plants, marine environments and superstructures, drilling rigs, architectural projects and tourist sites.

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