Weldlok: Quality, Reliable, and Proven Steel Products

At Weldlok, we deliver solutions to fabricators to help complete their projects and gain the trust and confidence of their respective clients.

With structural steel commonly used in high-rise commercial and industrial buildings, its ductileness, rigidity, toughness, and strength are crucial. These qualities make steel the preferred construction material in Australia. Aside from its robust profile, cost-effectiveness is another reason why steel is favored.

Partnering with Fabricators

Fabrication of structural steel involves a process of cutting, bending, and steel to create steel members, columns, and beams. We deliver high-quality, fabricated steel grating and handrail systems in partnership with our steel fabricators.

With our network of steel fabricators, we work closely with our engineers, QA, detailers, project managers, architects, estimators, and designers to ensure steel structures for buildings are structurally safe and reliable.

Our production team prepares various steel components within our workshop, saving time, and reducing overall construction costs. Our fully fabricated steel products are cost-effective so our partnered fabricators can seamlessly fabricate and install our floor grating, stair treads, balltube handrails for access platforms.

Sustainable AustralianMade Steel Products

When it comes to the environment, structural steel is known for being a green construction material. It proactively helps reduce targeted emissions while increasing energy efficiency. At Weldlok, we vow to help our fabricators support their environmental conservation efforts by sourcing quality green steel materials. We also aim to provide durable, reusable structural steel products and systems that require low energy consumption and low carbon dioxide emissions.

Our relationship with fabricators and customers transcends beyond being an economic enterprise, through our commitment to helping build a sustainable community for all Australians.