Fibre Glass Grating

Fibre Glass Grating

Weldlok FRP Grating is manufactured through a process of interweaving fibreglass strands across perpendicular load-carrying axis and moulded set in resin. Commonly, FRP Grating is manufactured using an Isophthalic Polyester as this has very good chemical resistance, good flame resistance and is the best general-purpose resin available. Other resins available are Vinyl Ester and Phenolic.

FRP Grating is typically used in an area requiring specific chemical resistance i.e. battery plants, beverage manufacturing etc. but is also commonly used un public works projects such as National Parks walkways.

All Weldlok grating/flooring products are designed and manufactured to comply with the requirements of AS1657. Slip-resistant top surfaces such as serrated edge flat bar or quartz grit are available across the range and allow for slip resistance ratings of P4 and beyond.

FRP Grating is available in a range of colours including yellow, green and dark grey. FRP Grating also comes standard with a slip-resistant top surface. Bitumen coated mild steel is also available upon request.

Weldlok grating profiles cover an expansive range that covers requirements of the coal and iron ore industries, wine and beverage manufacturing, plant access walkways and heel-safe pedestrian access walkways to the current standards.

Standard profiles are available ex-stock in standard panel sizes however, Weldlok are able to manufacture and fabricate a range of profiles in Australia to suit your needs. If you have a requirement outside of standard profile, contact our team today to discuss what we can offer you.

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