Composite Flooring

Composite Flooring

Weldlok Forgebar mild steel composite flooring collection comprises of a closed top or mesh top option, suitable for a variety of projects depending on application. The base panels are made from Weldlok Forgebar mild steel grating in either Series 30, Series 40 or Series 60 profiles, each offering a different span and load rating.

Weldlok Gridplate

Gridplate is a composite flooring arrangement comprising steel floorplate welded to the top of Series 30, Series 40 or Series 60 profiles.

Gridplate is available as:
– 3mm or 5mm thicknesses
– Maximum panels are 2000mm length in load bar direction on standard panel widths
– Nominated holes as required for fixing

Weldlok Safe-T-Grating

Safe-T-Grating is a composite flooring comprising light gauge mesh typically welded to the underside of grating to prevent small objects falling through, as required by AS1657, or to the top for trolleys or pedestrian traffic.

Safe-T-Grating is manufactured using LD1616 expanded mesh. Refer to the Weldlok Expanded Mesh brochure for more information on our mesh offering.

LD1616 Expanded Metal Specifications





Strand Width

Sheet Size

Approx Weight

Approx % Openness

Steel 28.00 9.00 1.60mm 1.60mm 1200 x 2400 4.4kg/m2 65%

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