Trench Grates & Frames

Trench Grates & Frames

Trench Grates & Frames are manufactured in a range of standard sizes and class rated to meet customer requirements. All grates are bolted down to deter unwanted access and to ensure the grate does not work loose or rattle in the frame. The frame comes with flat bar on each side for easy tying into your formwork prior to casting.

The Weldlok grating pattern is bicycle safe with a 76 per cent open area providing superior hydraulic capacity. These grates meet all load class requirements to AS3996-2019 and are tagged with manufactures name, load class, grate weight and code number as required by AS3996-2019.


  • Bolt-down security
  • Bicycle safe
  • AS3996-2019 (compliant to Class A, B & D)

The direction of traffic for forge-welded grating to be predominantly parallel to load bars in Class D applications. For multi-directional travel, the diamond grating is recommended.

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