Series 40 Grating

Series 40 Grating

Weldlok Series 40 grating is a lightweight and economical grating that meets the requirements of AS1657 for fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders. Series 40 is ideal for mezzanine floors, catwalks, conveyor walkways and similar.

Series 40 Features

– 40mm load bar centres
– Cross rods at 100mm (A) or 50mm (B) for reliable stability
– 3mm or 5mm thick load bars
– Standard or serrated finish

Standard Mat Sizes


Span x Width (mm)

Load Bar thick. (mm)

Load Bar No.

Eastern States

5800 x 1003326
5800 x 1005526

Western Australia

5800 x 1043327
5800 x 1045527

Typical Application Loadings

AS1657 (4.2)Fixed Platforms, Walkways and Stairways2.5kPa
AS1170.1 (Table 3.1 E)Warehousing and Storage Areas4kPa
AS1170.1 (Table 3.1 E)Plant Rooms, Fan Rooms incl. weight of machinery5kPa
AS1170.1 (Table 3.1 C5)Public Assembly Areas Susceptible to Overcrowding7.5kPa

Quick Selection Chart

Grating Type

Maximum Span (mm) for Various Loads with 5.00mm Deflection


2.5 kPa

4.0 kPa

5.0 kPa

7.5 kPa

A40-203 / B40-20311201000945860
A40-205 / B40-205129011401065975
A40-253 / B40-2531320118011251010
A40-255 / B40-2551490133512651150
A40-323 / B40-3231600142013401200
A40-325 / B40-3251790160015101375
A40-403 / B40-4031880168515801435
A40-405 / B40-4052115190017901620
A40-455 / B40-4552315207019501770
A40-505 / B40-5052610223021101920
A40-555 / B40-5552690240022502060
A40-655 / B40-6553045272025602315

Bold type indicates preferred product (more likely to be in stock)

Safe Load and Deflection Table

For galvanised fabricated panels, add 7.5% to mass


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