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State Government

Weldlok & State Government, Working Together Since 1955

Weldlok has worked alongside State Governments around Australia for decades, providing certified quality products and invaluable expertise and service across major projects.

Whether your next project is rail or road infrastructure, schools, hospitals, green areas or any other associated infrastructure project, you can rest assured that Weldlok is a committed and experienced partner.


Rail infrastructure is an important backbone to freight and travel movements within Australia, and Weldlok understands the importance of maintaining current assets as well as investing in new technologies for future sustainability. Here are just a few of the rail projects Weldlok has been involved in:

  • Driver access platforms
  • Shunting yard perimeter fencing
  • Rolling stock maintenance materials
  • Level crossing removal infrastructure
  • Station walkways and crossovers
  • Facades, screening, handrails, exclusion zones


Throughout our extensive range, Weldlok can deliver successful road infrastructure materials specific to locations and environments. Having worked closely with governments on projects in remote areas to large metropolitan cities and everywhere in between, Weldlok has been able to develop new and innovative alternatives to previously complex issues.

Experience and capabilities for road infrastructure projects include:

  • Modular handrails
  • Civil drainage up to Class G
  • Barrier protection
  • Culvert crossovers and fall protection
  • Pedestrian and bicycle safe drainage, handrail and barrier solutions
  • Bridge access platforms


Hospitals are arguably the most important complex infrastructure State Governments are responsible for and, for this reason, Weldlok can proudly attest to being a proven and successful supplier for hospital infrastructure projects nationwide.

Due to the complex nature of competing design elements for hospital projects, Weldlok aims to engage at a feasibility and design stage to ensure correct fit-for-purpose materials are selected.

At Weldlok, we have been involved in the design and development of many major hospitals as well as the rectification of hospitals due to either lifespan limitations or inferior, non-compliant materials being installed originally.

Hospital Elements Weldlok Specialises in include:

  • Architectural facades
  • Plant rooms
  • Disability access handrails and walkways
  • Civil drainage products
  • Water treatment infrastructure


With an ever-increasing population, Australia’s need for new state-of-the-art schools and upgrades is of utmost importance.

Schools are a major asset to State Governments and can be high-cost for maintenance. Through implementing a process of engagement at the design and specification stage, Weldlok has been able to provide efficiencies in material selection and overall life cost.

Some of the areas where this has been achieved are through:

  • Architectural facades
  • Bicycle enclosures
  • Solar penetration screening
  • HVAC platforms and access products
  • Pedestrian and bicycle safe civil drainage products
  • Disability access handrails and industrial style walkways

Weldlok and the greater NEPEAN businesses are proudly Australian and family-owned and have been for more than 60 years. This gives us the greatest understanding of the requirements of the Australian public through State Government infrastructure projects.

To find out how Weldlok can assist with your next project or, just to offer some expert advice on conformance and compliance, contact your local team today.

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