The Importance of Civil Compliance

Weldlok manufactures handrail, flooring, and drainage grate and cover solutions that are used in high-traffic areas around the country. Our ductile covers can be found on main roads, and our walkways and handrail systems in pedestrian walkways, commercial facilities, and buildings, in a range of different industries.

These products deliver some of the most important—yet often overlooked—support and safety services in civil construction projects.

This is why compliance is so important. When materials or products aren’t compliant with the necessary building standards, it puts people’s lives at risk.

At Weldlok, compliance is not something that we take lightly. We have an ethical and social obligation to continue delivering the highest standard of product we can. Our products are manufactured to create safer environments for every user, so it’s important that they’re designed to last the project’s entire lifetime.

The dangers of non-compliance

Compliance to relevant safety and quality standards is crucial in keeping your teams and the wider community safe whether it is our Civil drainage products, handrail systems, or Flooring and Grating solutions.

Without these standards, the structural integrity, safety, and quality of buildings and construction projects cannot be guaranteed. And while some products and materials may look compliant in certain situations, failing to meet Australia’s compliance standards can be life-threatening.

A good example of this is access covers in roads. If they are not fabricated with the right strength of steel they pose a very real danger to all road users. When a mild steel is used, over time, this will start to degrade and deflect as traffic continues to drive over it.

Non-compliant drainage covers will eventually buckle under the load of a tyre, and fail entirely, with the concrete and steel breaking and falling into the hole beneath leaving a gaping hole in the road, and potentially causing road accidents.

Handrail systems can also present a safety hazard if not fabricated using materials that meet compliance standards .They can fail at their joints and lead to unsteady railing, or systems falling apart altogether that endangers every user.

This is why, when choosing your manufacturing partner, compliance with the relevant Australian safety standards is critical. There is much more at stake than a damaged part.

Grate Load Test 2 | Drainage Grate

How Weldlok is leading the way

At Weldlok, we’re serious about compliance.

Every product we manufacture is designed to meet, and even exceed, the standards set out in the National Construction Code 2022. Each one that leaves our premises is thoroughly tested, in our onsite NATA-accredited load testing facility (Accreditation No 12043) which is computer controlled and capable of testing to Class G. 

We are also an active member of the Grate & Access Covers Alliance (GACA), and proud to be part of the group that worked on the AS3996-2019 standards review. AS3996 is a performance based standard, which ensures conformance during the product design and manufacturing process in terms of Acceptable Quality Level and demonstrates that they meet durability and long-term performance standards.

The Weldlok team works across the relevant Australian Standards that are designed to support a range of different projects. In fact, a number of our team actively serve on Australian Standards Committees, and help drive the direction, safety, and scrutiny of these compliance standards. We work closely with GACA, the Australian Steel Institute, and the Galvanising Association Australia to ensure we provide the best compliant product ranges in Australia.

Ensure compliance on your projects with Weldlok

Our goal is to push the industry forward, and ensure better, safer standards for everyone.

Contact us today to learn more about what Weldlok is doing to improve compliance standards within the industry.