Civil drainage solutions to ensure compliance in WA, VIC, NSW, and QLD

Drainage Grates/Drainage Covers

When it comes to civil drainage solutions, there’s no one set style uniformly used across the whole country. Most states, including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia all have their own set of regulations that means there are some key differences in product requirements.

At Weldlok, we provide a range of civil draining solutions designed to suit your state’s specifications. Our teams have worked with local authorities and our customers to develop approved solutions for each state  with many options let us take you through  what’s available and how they differ from state to state.


Civil drainage solutions for New South Wales and Victoria

Gully grates for NSW and VIC roads

Gully grates are the most commonly seen along the edges of roadways and typically need to stand up to a lot of different vehicle and pedestrian use. We manufacture gully grates for NSW and Victorian roads, which meet the standards for use in main roads and sub-divisions across both states.

Designed to support heavy vehicle traffic, our gully grates are manufactured using Forgebar® grating or its alternative diamond pattern grating where additional load-bearing capacity or vehicle movement needs to be accommodated.

Weldlok Gully Grates are designed to be long-lasting and robust, manufactured to meet the relevant AS 3996:2019 vehicle load class requirements. Our bicycle-safe design offers bolt-down security for added safety, and a hinged option provides for easier access and maintenance long term as covers can be easily replaced.

Civil drainage solutions for Western Australia

Gully grates for WA roads

Requirements for Gully Grates in WA varies to the eastern states in many ways, As WA is a state featuring heavy mining and construction loads, gully grates must be made to different class load uses, and the Weldlok WA range is made to match the specialised needs to withstand wear and tear of use in Australia’s largest state.

Manufactured to support heavy vehicle traffic, our WA gully grates feature appropriate load-class tested grating bars. A custom diamond pattern grating can also be made to order on request. Like all Weldlok Civil Products they’re designed to meet load class requirements of AS 3996:2019, and feature bolt-down security and a bicycle-safe design which means they can be installed anywhere you need drainage on your road network.

Circular and Rectangular ductile covers

Made from Grade 500/7 ductile iron, our WA-specific circular and rectangular ductile covers  have been specially designed and manufactured to meet all requirements and specifications for WA councils, state-wide.

Available in both a solid top or grated variant, and a standard or high frame depth, you get a flexible option for your roads that ensures an ideal solution for your weather and traffic situation.

Weldlok WA Specific rectangular covers are also available in a connecting two-part solid top or infill variant, suitable for multi-part applications to provide class D load covers for large openings. Our multi-part design assembles efficiently in the workshop or on site providing a seamless and safe solution.

Civil drainage solutions for Queensland

Gully grates and Covers Queensland roads

Built using Forgebar® grating or our alternative diamond pattern grating, ideal for areas with multi-directional traffic, our range of gully grates and ductile covers are manufactured to meet all relevant QUU requirements and support heavy traffic on your main roads and subdivisions as outlined by our load class tables.  

Gully grates for QLD are manufactured to be bicycle-safe and are also available with a hinged variant where necessary. The range of grates and covers for QLD also includes dome grates for IPWEAQ & BCC in a variety of sizes. All include a bold-down design for added security.

Circular ductile covers

Queensland has some unique requirements compared to the rest of the country—but our team understands and has designed products to meet these needs.

 The Weldlok range of QLD-specific ductile covers are made from Grade 500/7 ductile iron and meet the respective load class requirements of AS 3996:2019.

Each product in the QLD specific range has been designed in line with specifications as required by councils and governing authorities and is approved for use in Queensland. Lastly, ductile QUU covers are finished with a non-skid surface design and offer bold down security to restrict access.

Get the right civil drainage solution for your state

Unsure of the exact requirements in your region? Don’t leave your next civil drainage project to chance. Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs, and we’ll help make sure you’ve got the right solutions to meet your state’s specific requirements.

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