The Role of Effective Grates and Drain Covers In Floods & Heavy Rain

Drainage Grates/Drainage Covers

Floods are the most expensive disaster in Australia, causing social, economic, and environmental disruptions. The direct costs associated with floods estimated over the period 1967-2005 average nearly $377 million per year according to the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist.

Rainstorms are an essential part of life in Australia, and efficient stormwater drainage systems are essential to ensure the safe runoff of water. Whilst only one part of the system, the right drainage cover and gate is essential in the selection process.

What Is a Stormwater Drainage System?

Water from rain or storm events that flow into an underground system is what forms our modern-day stormwater drainage system. This can be from residential houses and commercial buildings to infrastructure such as roads. Stormwater includes everything the rain picks up with it that flows into the drains such as soil, organic material, litter, and oil residue from driveways.

The main purpose of civil stormwater drainage systems is to take the runoff stormwater from around the cities and release it to sea, lakes, streams, or rivers. And nowadays, closed storm drain systems with drain grate covers are found everywhere on the roads, car parks, pavements, and on the sides of buildings.

How Do Drainage Grates and Covers Work to Protect Infrastructure and People?

Drain grates and cover systems help manage stormwater runoff and keep civil infrastructures like roads, footpaths, car parks, and buildings safe and accessible. The first job of the grate drain system is to move the surface water into the sewer system. The secondary job is to prevent unsafe access and movement of large debris. Both reasons influence the shape and size of covers and their installation location. The right cover will do both.

Superior Ductile Iron Covers & Drain Grate Solutions From Weldlok

Weldlok is the leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality drain grates and drain cover systems in Australia. Partnering with leading engineers and contractors, we have been designing and supplying a variety of specialised drain grate covers for various civil infrastructure projects across Australia for over 40 years. We are the only Australian manufacturer of drain grates to offer a product that is load tested by our NATA-accredited facility (12043), complying with AS3996:2019 as well. We can recommend or custom design drain grates based on the unique hydraulic requirements of any civil infrastructure project.

Our civil drainage products comprise a range of mild steel grates and stainless steel grates that includes:

Our Weldlok range of drain grates and covers are robust, safe, and reliable, and most importantly, their designs provide great hydraulic performance. Moreover, their thoughtful and efficient designs make them aesthetically appealing.

Need Our Help?

Weldlok has years of experience in designing and supplying highly efficient drain grates that come with standard compliance of:

  • AS3996:2019 – Access covers and grates
  • AS/NZS4680:2006 – Hot-dip galvanising
  • ISO/IEC17025:2017 – Competence in testing and calibration laboratories


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