Ductile Solutions For Civil Drainage

ductile iron covers and grates

Ductile iron drain covers and grates are heavy-duty covers that offer a reliably high strength and efficient solution. Ductile covers from Weldlok are suitable for sewers and pits on roads, footpaths, commercial corridors and heavy-duty industrial applications.

Five Types of Ductile Solutions

Weldlok manufactures a range of high-quality ductile drain cover solutions for pits and drainage. Our ductile and drain covers are lightweight, easy to handle, efficient and cost-effective.

1. Concrete Infill Ductile Square

Concrete Infill Ductile Squares are innovative drainage covers that enable quick and efficient concrete infilling. They work to seal the pit or drain from gas, water, or air ingress. Designed with a 4-piece frame and bolt-down security, the design allows for efficient precast and onsite installation. Concrete infill ductile squares are suitable for applications such as drains in footpaths, junction pits, OSD tanks and car parking. At Weldlok, concrete infill ductile squares can be purchased encased in concrete on request.


  • Available in a range of sizes in Class B (light duty) and Class D (heavy duty)
  • Tested to Australian standards AS3996:2019
  • Bolt down design for security

2. Ductile & Drain Covers

Weldlok Ductile and Drain Covers are stocked in Class B and D and also available in Class E, F and G on request for heavy-duty and high-traffic applications. They are strong and durable— and their designs provide the perfect grip and appealing appearance. They are also not easily corroded, suitable for all sewer and stormwater applications.


  • Available in 600mm clear openings in class B & D
  • Gas & Watertight designs available (NATA test by ALS Global)
  • Slip-resistance tested
  • SAI Global approved meeting AS3996:2019
  • Bolted down design for security

3. Solid Top Ductile Circular

Weldlok’s Solid Top Ductile Circulars are heavy-duty in design with a light weight covers design, providing a high strength to weight ratio. The range is suitable for all sewer and stormwater applications, each cover marked with either sewer or stormwater for easy identification. They provide an excellent non-skid surface with iconic ‘W’ pattern to reduce the chance of accidents.


  • Slip-resistance tested SAI Global approved meeting AS3996:2019
  • Class B & D available in sewer or stormwater
  • Bolt down design for security Gas and watertight

4. Solid Top Circular Maintenance

Weldlok offers Solid Top Circular Maintenance Shaft Covers in a range of sizes: 367mm, 370mm & 432mm diameter clear openings in class B & D that are suitable for all types of sewer and stormwater applications.


  • Non-skid and lightweight
  • Gas & watertight
  • Slip-resistance tested SAI Global approved meeting AS3996:2019
  • The 367mm in class B is available encased in concreteBolt down design for security

5. Solid Top Ductile Rectangular

Since solid tops are permanently visible on the floor and subjected to traffic, Weldlok’s Solid Top Ductile Rectangular or Squares are made from high-quality ductile iron and designed to be skid resistant. They come with two covered lifting points and are available in a range of sizes: 450×450, 600×600, 600×900 and 900×900 clear openings in class B & D. Solid top ductile rectangular or squares are suitable for roads, car parks, industrial areas, and footpaths.


  • Frame with bolt down design for security
  • Slip-resistance tested
  • Class B and D comply with AS3996:2019
  • Also available encased in concrete

At Weldlok, we also design and manufacture custom ductile and drain covers that comply with AS3996:2019 standards. Contact our team for more information or to get a quote.