Mild Steel

Weldlok Drainage Grates are considered the industry benchmark amongst civil products. We are the only Australian manufacturer of drainage grates to offer a product which is load tested by our NATA accredited facility (12043) as well as complying to AS3996-2019. At Weldlok, our team design and manufacture custom steel grating and civil drainage products. Weldlok […]

Stainless Steel Grating

Drainage Grate

Weldlok forgebar stainless steel grating is manufactured using an electro-forge welding process that applies pressure and heat to fuse round twisted cross-roads to load-bearing bars of various thicknesses and depths. Stainless steel grating is commonly used in walkway projects in high corrosive environments and is a very flexible, solution to provide safe walking surfaces and […]

Mild Steel Grating

Weldlok forge bar mild steel grating is manufactured using an electro-forge welding process that applies pressure and heat to fuse square twisted crossroads to load-bearing bars of various thicknesses and depths from 20mm x 3mm up to 75mm x 6mm (larger sizes available upon request). Mil steel grating is commonly used in walkway infrastructure projects […]

Floormesh Grating

NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure is a division of NEPEAN, Australia’s largest privately owned engineering, mining services and industrial manufacturing organisation. Through our Weldlok brand, NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure is Australia’s only specialist manufacturer of Flormesh

Fibre Glass Grating

Weldlok FRP grating is manufactured through a process of interweaving fibreglass strands across perpendicular load-carrying axis and moulded set in resin. Commonly, FRP grating is manufactured using an Isophthalic Polyester as this has very good chemical resistance, good flame resistance and is the best general-purpose resin available. Other resins available are Vinyl Ester and Phenolic. […]

Aluminium Grating

Weldlok aluminium grating is manufactured from a swaging process that involves pre-punched load-bearing bars being swaged together with square crossroads. Various load-bearing bar depths and thicknesses are available through the aluminium range and this material is best suited in corrosive applications such as near the ocean or in water treatment plants. All Weldlok grating/flooring products […]

Stainless Steel


Stainless steel provides many unique values. Stainless steel drains and grates – whether for shower grates (like the point or linear drain), or for more complex surface drainage – offer the best solution available. Although there are cheaper alternatives on the market, the total lifespan, visual impact and performance of stainless steel is unparalleled. Choosing […]


ORCA Drain by Weldlok is a technical range of Australian-designed polymer concrete drainage channels available from NEPEAN Building and Infrastructure, developed to provide a reliable water management solution. Based on the finest materials and latest technology, this range has been developed with excellent hydraulic performance and durability to cater for maximum loads. Quality-compliant, ORCA Drain […]


Made from 150 x 50 RHS 350mm long and cut to the kerb profile, hot-dip galvanised. Used to drain stormwater out to the road kerbs and into the gutter.

Trench Grates & Frames

Trench Grates & Frames are manufactured in a range of standard sizes and class rated to meet customer requirements. All grates are bolted down to deter unwanted access and to ensure the grate does not work loose or rattle in the frame. The frame comes with flat bar on each side for easy tying into […]