Why quality civil drainage products are key to stormwater management

Stormwater and floods present the same problem to civil council and government institutions nationwide. How do these organisations deal with a localised oversupply of unusable water which can damage infrastructure and compromise the health of the public?

Key to answering this question is investing in quality civil drainage products, such as stormwater drainage grates and fabricated steel grating. Without the right tools, civil institutions will be left adrift.

Facing a rising tide of water management challenges

Queensland’s Chief Scientist asserts that floods are one of the most expensive types of natural disaster to recover from, but are also the most manageable. As it stands, the average annual cost of flood damage and recovery efforts is $377 million (before adjusting for inflation of the Australian dollar). Hundreds of floods affect Australian communities annually, making planning and installing high-quality drainage infrastructure a top priority for councils nationwide.

Stormwater management is another consideration entirely. High levels of rainfall that don’t contribute to flooding can still be problematic unless local water management groundwork is adequately robust and safe for pedestrian access.


Managing high levels of rainfall is easier with quality civil drainage products.


The issues facing civil groups in managing water movement is no less challenging. Australian utilities invested significant capital in replacing aging water management infrastructure in 2017 – nearly a combined $2.7 billion, according to a Federal Bureau of Meteorology report. This figure demonstrates the task facing management operations.

Finding the right civil drainage solutions

Each local council around Australia will have a different approach to water management planning and risk forecasting. But what unites every organisation is the need for high quality civil drainage products and stormwater pit covers.

There are several different ways government bodies can reduce the threat of damage from high levels of rain, tropical storms and floods:

  • A basic underground drainage system will be able to handle downpours and minor storms, and is often the first line of defence against rising water levels. These should be covered by robust fabricated steel grates to reduce the chances of injury and allow pedestrian access.
  • Planned overland flow paths work well in tandem with underground drainage as these paths carry overflow from drains away from homes and community facilities. These channels should also be covered by trench grates in case pedestrians use the surrounding area.
  • Drainage grates and levee barriers connected to large bodies of water in urban areas. This preventative measure allows civil bodies a degree of control over the flow of water from sources at risk of flooding.

Using these engineered solutions alongside non-structural measures, such as risk forecasting and long-term architectural planning, can help to reduce the risk of storm and flood damage to Australian communities now and into the future.

What civil products do Weldlok offer?

Weldlok from NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure has remained respected and trusted across Australia for over 60 years. That doesn’t come down to just going with the current – we want to lead the market and excel in providing civil products to councils and government institutions nationwide. Our reputation comes from constantly reworking the innovative to find evermore effective solutions, remaining flexible to change as the needs of the civil market ebb and flow.


Civil institutions need to consider the role of drainage products in a more robust water management strategy.


Our team specialises in the design and supply of high quality, durable civil drainage products and stormwater pit covers that fit the needs of the project to hand. Although the threat of stormwater and flood damage is universal, the means of preventing it isn’t.

To achieve the most effective results, every application should have a different custom-designed drainage solution to suit the unique specifications of the work at hand.

For example, accommodating irregular shapes, such as a dip in the road, means steel grating needs to be custom designed to best fit the underground drainage opening. If the civil product isn’t an exact fit, pedestrians and maintenance teams become exposed to the risk of the grate coming loose or worn down over time.

Another challenge Weldlok Civil Products can overcome is the need for heavy multi directional loading. Steel grating needs to be durable under exposure to weight across its entire life cycle. Any non-conforming civil product that isn’t designed to high standards is costly to replace in the long-run and a threat to users.

A water management product with this specification, such as an access grate over a stormwater pit, would be simple for our expert team. Using custom designed diamond pattern steel grates is a simple fix that improves load bearing ability without compromising traction or long-term durability while allowing sufficient hydraulic intake.


Weldlok’s ability to manufacture custom-built stormwater pit covers has been tested for over 60 years.


Tackling Australia’s long-term stormwater management

Civil institutions and local council bodies have a responsibility to public to reduce the threat of stormwater and flooding damaging infrastructure, community buildings and homes. The best way to approach more effective water management is through partnering with experts in designing and delivering civil products. For more information, contact Weldlok® today.