Why Choose Australian Made Custom Built Grating Solutions?

drainage grate

When it comes to steel grating products and solutions, there are many options but not all products are equal. Many factors need to be considered when selecting the right supplier and product. Often grating options do not necessarily perform well in terms of quality, lasting durability, and reliability. When choosing grating, consider locally made custom-built grating solutions from Weldlok for your mining, industrial, and civil infrastructure needs in Australia.

The Flexibility of Going Local

Producing a high-quality product just the way you need on-time and without hassle is a major advantage of locally made grating. For over 65 years Weldlok has been designing and manufacturing in Australia, and our team of experts know exactly what kind of solutions work best based on the project application and environment.

Weldlok works with clients to find solutions to any kind of complicated and specialised problems without compromising quality. Doing so helps our customers save a lot of time and money in the long run. Fit-for-purpose solutions also provide a guarantee of safety and reliability.

After-sales service from a local team is also invaluable. Working with Weldlok, much like when sourcing other local products, you have the assurance that someone reliable is always there to help and provide immediate solutions if you need them.

Another reason why you should choose Australian made grating solutions is that overseas products are not always exclusively designed and manufactured to the Australian standards specifications for quality and safety compliance. Whilst some imported grating products may cost less, if they don’t comply or meet project specifications exactly they’ll cost more to rectify and delay project completion.

  1.  Some important considerations when assessing a competitor’s imported solution, is specifically whether it’s made to Australian Standards. If not, it may be prone to increased or premature wear and tear
  2. Often requires more repair and maintenance
  3. If non-compliant, it can result in structural failure
  4. Damages as a result of poor performance can result in the need for replacement or costly renovation



Weldlok- an Advanced Local Manufacturer and Supplier of Grating Materials and Solutions

For over 65 years, Weldlok has provided innovative solutions, supporting the Australian market with custom-made grating and drainage grates for various industries, including heavy industries, mining, civil and infrastructure. We have manufacturing facilities in Sydney and Perth, with distribution centres servicing Australia from Melbourne and Brisbane. All are supported by our expert team who are ready to assist with grating requirements of any size, shape, and scope.

Our team will ensure you get the product that will perform for your specific application while ensuring your product meets compliance with Australian standards and specifications.


Need custom grating, flooring, or drainage? Contact our team to discuss your requirements and let us find affordable and compliant solutions that will stand the test of time.