Weldlok: Providing Civil Project Solutions in Western Australia

With a legacy spanning over six decades, Weldlok specializes in fabricating steel solutions for infrastructure, industrial, civil, and architectural projects. Renowned for its expertise in supplying high-quality grating, handrails, flooring, and drainage solutions, Weldlok is famous for its high-quality products tailored to meet the requirements of each project.

Here are a few civil-based projects Weldlok has been involved in the recent years in Western Australia.

Dowsing Project  

Weldlok supplied multiple wheelchair-accessible crossovers at the Kingsway Sporting Complex. The project was executed on 11th December 2023 across multiple locations.

The crossovers comprised of multiple custom-made trench grate and frames totaling approximately 15 meters. These trench grates and frames were locally manufactured in Weldlok’s Belmont workshop.

These Heel Guard grates were designed, approved and manufactured to be installed in conjunction with the concrete curbs already in-situ throughout the complex.

Civilmart Carwash Pits Project

The Civilmart Carwash Pits Project completed in February 2024 saw Weldlok supply Class D Trench Grates and Frames originally to be cast into Civilmarts Concrete Pits for a new Carwash build in the Peel region. Three custom-made trench grate and frame units were designed to withstand the rigors of daily vehicle traffic. Each unit was strategically placed in the centre of three separate carwash bays.

Weldlok worked closely with Civilmart for the design and manufacture of the units. To ensure that the design meets the project’s requirements, Civilmart provided us with the rough dimensions and class rating. Weldlok then drafted detailed drawings, which were later sent to Civilmart for approval.

Weldlok’s design was carefully crafted to withstand vehicle traffic while maintaining optimal safety standards. The design is now being considered for use in several new car wash construction projects across Western Australia.

Woolworths Delivery Dock Mount Pleasant Project

Adco Constructions, a company Weldlok had previously collaborated with, reached out for help finding a solution for replacing the existing drainage system. The current system is obsolete and cannot support the large delivery trucks that enter the premises. The issue arose when this was also the entrance to the underground car park.

Any major work undertaken may also disrupt not only the heavy vehicle flow but also the shopper vehicles and foot traffic.

Given these limitations, Adco and Weldlok devised a plan to replace 25 meters of drainage without blocking off the area. However, after working together and discussing various options, it was decided that the best course of action would be to keep the existing channels and replace only the tops. Having said that, the design had to handle the constant vehicle and foot traffic.

Working closely with Adco Constructions, the shopping center’s management, and maintenance team, Weldlok put together a custom solution:  Laser-cut galvanized 20mm plates with drainage slots and bolt-down plates. Weldlok even handled the installation. The result was a new drainage system, that not only exceeded the requirements but also reduced the installation and maintenance time. This project was delivered on time and on budget.

Yanchep Project

In September 2023, Weldlok undertook a major infrastructure project supplying 75 meters of imported Class B Trench grates and frames to Yanchep. The project then expanded to multiple sites along the Yanchep train line.

After a site visit with project Engineers, it was established that other sites along the new train line would also require drainage products.

The engineers spent several months finalizing design requirements for each rail package. The major challenge was that each section of the rail upgrade had specific requirements which involved different drainage products.

Weldlok has now completed and delivered nearly 1km of locally made custom Trench Grates, Trench Grates and Frame and Drop in Grates on this project on time and on budget.