Weldlok: A Complete Solution For Walkway Systems

steel grated handrail system

Walkway solutions such as steel handrails, platforms and stair treads provide the safest and most durable solution for industrial and commercial access needs. There can be no shortcomings when it comes to the quality and performance of these structures. That’s why large infrastructure projects in Australia trust Weldlok for their walkway needs.

Our Advanced Range of Walkway Solutions

At Weldlok, we have a range of handrail and flooring solutions suitable for a wide variety of applications. We offer a complete solution for walkway systems, from aluminium handrails and floor mesh to stair treads and custom handrails. Check out our advanced range of products here.

We engineer according to your custom project needs, manufactured using the appropriately specified materials. These materials include aluminium, stainless steel, and fibreglass-reinforced polymer (FRP), to provide excellent walkway solutions for any type of industrial application.

Handrail Systems

Handrail systems are vital structures for support and safety when walking on platforms, ramps, or stairs. Whilst primarily used in industrial and commercial sites, they are necessary where the safety of people is crucial. This can also extend to applications in public spaces such as parks or reserves.

At Weldlok, we provide BallTube handrail systems that enables fast and easy installation for industrial walkways, stairs, and ladders. Our handrail systems are designed and manufactured in compliance with Australian Standard AS1657:2015, so you can be assured of the quality of the product you receive from us will perform as required.

We deliver a complete components package— that includes fully galvanised steel handrail stanchions, bends, rails and kickplates, closures and slip-joints. Moreover, our handrail system requires only minimum welding, saving time and cost in installation allowing projects to complete sooner.


Gratings are grid structures used as flooring or protective coverings in industrial and commercial applications. At Weldlok, we specialise in the design and manufacturing of all grating types, including custom solutions. We custom design grating solutions for wine and beverage manufacturing units, coal and iron ore industries, pedestrian walkways, plant access walkways and specialised drainage systems.

Weldlok grating solutions are readily available in aluminium, steel and FRP as standard profiles for your convenience. All Weldlok grating comply with AS1657:2018, and we also perform load testing to ensure AS3996:2019 compliance if needed for civil drainage applications.

Our FRP gratings have good chemical and flame resistance and are available in various colours which can be used to differentiate zones or blend into the environment.

We provide surface treatments and slip-resistant top surfaces such as serrated edge flat bar or quartz grit that allows slip resistance ratings of P4 and beyond. We also offer bitumen coated mild steel for special applications on request.

Stair Treads

Stair treads are an essential part of stairs or any build that requires a transition between floor levels.

At Weldlok, we have a variety of stair treads that are suitable for all kinds of industrial applications.

Our stair treads have high load-bearing capabilities and are manufactured to be safe and durable.

Utilising the same forgebar grating technology used for flooring, our stair treads are available in various thickness depths, widths, and styles to suit your unique project needs.

We also customise stair treads that comply with AS1657:2018 in other materials like aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, and FRP. Whether you need bolt-in, weld-in or bolt-down gratings, we can produce through our hybrid supply chain and deliver them on time – including Australian Made options.

Benefits of Using Our Handrail and Grating Solutions

  • Engineered with precision for high durability, strength, and life
  • Quick and hassle-free installation that saves your time and money
  • Superior, customised solutions for all your needs
  • Our offerings come in a range of materials and finishes
  • Suitable for all environments and low maintenance
  • Compliance with Australian standards and other government guidelines


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