Mono Stringer

Mono Stringer

Weldlok supplies Mono Stringers, designed for architectural applications in residential builds where an open, light and airy space is required. Ideally suited where the stair transition will be a focal point of the property such as main entries. All Weldlok Mono Stringers are manufactured from the highest quality materials with substantial structural properties to give you peace of mind and confidence that when your Mono Stringer is installed, it will be compliant to the BCA and Australian Standards as well as being a long-lasting feature of your home

Weldlok Mono Stringer

The Weldlok Mono Stringer is an aesthetic residential solution where internal or external stairs are required for today’s modern open plan living spaces. Strong and durable, the Weldlok Mono Stringer is certified to meet all the relevant Building Code of Australia (BCA) clauses and relevant Australian Standards.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple design that provides an attractive architectural feature.
  • Complies with Australian Standards and the BCA. Certified for residential use.
  • Floor-to-Landing (FL) and Landing to-Landing (LL) options for multistorey dwellings.
  • Provides safe access to upper levels. Proof loaded to 3,200kg on 17 treads.
  • Range from 2 to 17 treads for vertical clearances from 504mm to 3,330mm.
  • Internal and external use.
  • Designed to suit stair tread dimensions of 900mm to 1,200mm in width, 250mm to 300mm depth and 45mm to 75mm thickness.
  • Finishes include untreated steel, powder coat, hot-dip galvanised, and hot-dip galvanised then powder coated.

Note: Hot Dip Galvanised finish is recommended for external use.


Weldlok is able to offer our standard powder coated mild steel balustrade system with SS316 wire rope infill. This balustrade system is designed and engineered to accompany Weldlok Mono Stringers. Glass infill balustrade systems are also available upon request.

Hardwood Tread Options

Architectural hardwood stair treads suit both internal and external Weldlok Mono Stringer applications. Weldlok is able to source a range of Hardwood tread options to suit your new Weldlok Mono Stringer. Typical species include Spotted Gum, Ironbark and Blackbutt. All timber species are subject to availability and sustainably sourced from FSC approved suppliers. The treads have been designed as an engineered laminate that will suit both a traditional dual stringer and the Mono Stringer.

  • Spotted Gum (Corymbia maculate) to be recommended
  • Type: Australian Hardwood. (Suitable for internal and external use).
  • Origin: Coastal districts from New South Wales and Victoria border to Maryborough.
  • Colour: Heartwood: Pale greys to dark browns and chocolate tones.
  • Durability: Class 1 – More than 40 years above ground weather exposed.
  • Janka Rating: 11 (Very Hard) Other timbers are available on request.

All Weldlok Mono Stringers are supplied with an Engineers Compliance Certificate. Installation guides and videos are also available to assist with ease of installation.

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