Kwikclamp Modular Handrail System

Kwikclamp Modular Handrail System

The Kwikclamp range of modular fittings, posts, rails, end terminations, barrier panels, bollards, stanchions and accessories all comply with the design requirements of AS1657 and AS1428, the Australian Standards for safety barriers and handrails in a multitude of applications. All products are hot dip galvanised to comply with AS4680 and have a minimum of 500gsm zinc coating plus a further protective electroplating coating. Clamp products are made from high quality 450 MPa heat treated steel. Available in A27, B34, C42, D48 and E60 sizes (limited selection of A27, B34 and E60 items), Kwikclamp’s fittings are made from malleable or ductile iron with all new production using case hardened 15mm long 316 grade stainless steel screws for extra durability, vibration and corrosion resistance in the toughest conditions.


Kwikclamp products are used in a multitude of applications, initially designed for the safety barrier and handrail markets; the modular nature of the clamps has given rise to very creative and highly functional applications that include but are not limited to …

  • Bikeway and pedestrian safety barriersystems
  • Disability handrails for walkways, ramps,stairs
  • Trolley parking & storage bays
  • Mezzanine floor safety barriers & sliding &up and over pallet gates
  • Road signs
  • Retail displays & racking
  • Exhibition stands & displays
  • General signage
  • Fall prevention systems, commercial, industrial & factory safety barriers
  • Machinery enclosures & guards
  • Roof and walkway guard rail



All Kwikclamp fittings, posts, rails and barrier panels have been independently tested to comply with AS1657 for 2.4m post spacing – the Australian Standard for fixed platforms walkways and stairways as well as complying with AS4680 – galvanising.

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