Composite Flooring

Composite Flooring

Weldlok Forgebar mild steel composite flooring collection comprises of a closed top or mesh top option, suitable for a variety of projects depending on application. The base panels are made from Weldlok Forgebar mild steel grating in either Series 30, Series 40 or Series 60 profiles, each offering a different span and load rating. Weldlok […]

Series 60 Grating

stainless steel grating

Weldlok Series 60 grating was developed initially for the mining industry to minimise build-up of spillage materials on platform floors. The larger openings allow most materials to fall through, providing a safer walking surface. Weldlok Series 60 grating is not suitable for floors subject to high impact loads. Note: Weldlok Series 60 is very light and […]

Series 40 Grating

pedestrian grating

Weldlok Series 40 grating is a lightweight and economical grating that meets the requirements of AS1657 for fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders. Series 40 is ideal for mezzanine floors, catwalks, conveyor walkways and similar. Series 40 Features – 40mm load bar centres– Cross rods at 100mm (A) or 50mm (B) for reliable stability– 3mm […]

Series 15 Grating

steel grating

Weldlok Series 15 is the next generation in grating profiles. Fully compliant with AS1657:2019, specifically clause 4.5 pertaining to safety below the platform or landing. Designed to prevent objects falling through the floor. Series 15 grating provides a clean aesthetic look. The single-piece design prevents debris build up between the mesh and grate allowing for […]

Mild Steel Grating

Grating and Handrail

Weldlok Forgebar Mild Steel Grating is manufactured using an electro-forge welding process that applies pressure and heat to fuse square twisted crossroads to load-bearing bars of various thicknesses and depths from 20mm x 3mm up to 75mm x 6mm (larger sizes available upon request). Mild Steel Grating is commonly used in walkway infrastructure projects and […]