Expand Your Customers with Weldlok

One of the main aims of Weldlok is to deliver a high-quality Australian Standard industrial and architectural product to our customers using reputable resellers. Through our resellers, Weldlok can reach as many end-user clients as possible, widening our scope in both existing and new markets.

Resellers act as Weldlok intermediaries, and effectively link the source to the end-user clients’ needs. Resellers also function as an extension of our team with expertise in both presale and after-sale services. We take great care in selecting our resellers to ensure that their mission aligns with our company’s vision. We continuously look for resellers who can help build and nurture our brand in the marketplace.

Established Distributors

Along with Weldlok, we also have a network of distributors across Australia who can help you with any engineering support, logistical and warehousing solutions, presale and post-sales support. Weldlok acknowledges that both resellers and distributors play an integral part in our market-leading strategies by creating value and awareness.

Want to Resell and Distribute our Products?

To become an accredited business reseller of Weldlok products, you will need to comply with specific company requirements. If you want to expand your business and partner with us, please get in touch with our Customer Service Sales Team to discuss the details and conditions.

As a Weldlok authorised reseller, it will be your responsibility for redistributing our products to your client base. We will continually provide up-to-date extensive training and comprehensive development so you can confidently resell and distribute our products successfully in your marketplace.