Mastermesh® Expanded metal

Mastermesh® has an extensive range of expanded metal mesh products in a variety of decorative patterns, all suitable for architectural applications.

Our standard range of expanded metal stock sheets includes galvanised mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Expanded metal is suitable for architectural applications including walkways and catwalks, car park facades, decorative window grilles, balustrades, sunshades and security doors.


EXPANDED METAL can be utilised in many ways as our brochure shows however, only with proper communication on the application can we work together to help you achieve a cost effective and timely result.

Points to consider, amongst others, when using EXPANDED METAL include:

  • Will an edge trim be used
  • Is there a central support required
  • Is it to provide privacy
  • Is it being used for screening
  • What size aperture is required

With this in mind please be advised that any requirement for EXPANDED METAL in an architectural application must be brought to our attention by contacting one of our team of experienced estimators for further information regarding this product.