Weldlok® Steel Grating


Weldlok® Forgebar® mild steel grating is manufactured using an electro-forgewelding process that applies pressure and heat to fuse square, twisted cross bars into load-bearing bars of various thicknesses and depths.


The result is a product of one-piece construction that complies with AS1657-2013.






Weldlok® steel grating is used in many different applications including walkways, drainage and vertical screening.


Stainless steel is used in food processing plants, for example while aluminium grating is used in marine environments and fibreglass is used in sewerage treatment.


As well as these applications, grating is used in access platforms and site walkways.




All our grating products can be custom-fabricated to suit unique customer requirements. With manufacturing facilities in Sydney and Perth and warehouses in Brisbane and Melbourne, we are able to provide custom- fabricated solutions with locally availability.


Our engineering and design team will provide expert advice to, engineers, specifiers, draftspersons, fabricators and help with the correct selection of all our grating products.




Load bars are supplied with the top surface either plain or serrated. Careful consideration should be given to the load bar profile required for each application. Standard grating has square-edge load bars, but where a higher slip resistance is required, serrated load bars should be considered. Note, a serrated finish is not recommended on 20mm-deep load bars.


For sloping walkways, designers should consult the latest edition of AS1657 but, depending on the slope, 10mm x 10mm square bar cleats or yellow abrasive strips can be provided




Weldlok® steel grating is available in:

  • Untreated (black) raw mild steel

  • Hot dip galvanised to AS/NZS 4680-2006

  • Black bitumen coated although this is not recommended for corrosive environments as there is no pre-treatment of the steel prior to bitumen coating




Many common gratings are carried in stock in standard mat sizes while non-standard products can be made to order. Please call us for advice on non-standard products.

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