3 tips for construction site estimators

Aiming for 10 per cent budget contingency on every project is no longer enough for construction site estimators who want to be best in their class. Faster-moving projects and more advanced estimation methods are changing the way individuals and organisations source steel construction materials. Here, we lay out the challenges facing estimators, and offers three tips […]

Why quality civil drainage products are key to stormwater management

Stormwater and floods present the same problem to civil council and government institutions nationwide. How do these organisations deal with a localised oversupply of unusable water which can damage infrastructure and compromise the health of the public? Key to answering this question is investing in quality civil drainage products, such as stormwater drainage grates and fabricated steel […]

Why value-based construction materials are cheaper in the long-term

Forgoing high-quality fabricated steel grating products in the name of cheaper materials may save time and money, and reflect well on a budget sheet. However, reduced product shelf life and the potential danger of using building components not up to Australian safety standards proves that value-based construction materials are ultimately cheaper in the long-term. When cheap materials […]